Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Trip to Capitola California

We had a really terrific 4 days with Tyler, Tanya, Taylor, Andy & Ashlyn.
We met up at Casa De Fruta...the kids (as well as the adults) had fun riding the Carosel and the train. The kids went on the playground, we put a couple of guys in the stocks, and we had dinner. Oh yeah, we also bought fruit and vegetables for the vacation!
Are they cute, or what??
We let them go, when they promised to always be so fun!
The next day we went to the beach and in the afternoon we went o the Santa Cruz Boardwalk! We had a really fun time, the twins are old enough to ride the rdes without Mommy & Daddy, is that a good thing?

Friday we took off to see some Redwoods on a really fun ride on a train. The scenery was beautiful and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Some of the pics are out of order...but you can see how big Andy & Ashlyn look as they driver their own dune buggy!

These next 2 pictures are really the main reason for the trip. Jerry's Dad will be 93 in October, and has been struggling with some cancer issues. He had never met Ashlyn & Andy. Andy is the only Jorgenson Great-Grandson, to carry out the Floyd Jorgenson name. Grandpa has 45 Great-Grandchildren, but he only has 2 sons, and the other Jorgenson grandson had a girl...so Andy is it, (for now).
It was important that we get a 4-Generation pictures for posterity.
Jerry, Tyler and Andy all have the middle name of Dale, which originated with Jerry's Uncle.

It seems we always manage to toss some of the kids around. As you can see, the 'Dads' are farther apart for Andy and he goes much higher. They both enjoyed it and laughed and laughed!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The kitchen?

Can you still call it a kitchen if there is no stove or oven?
Jerry spent the past couple of days re-configuring the cabinets for the new appliances. He worked really hard getting everything exact and I know that it will really look good.
This evening we had the missionaries to dinner, and we bar b qed steaks, baked the potatoes at the Red House and cooked the corn on the burner on the bar b que.
Who needs a kitchen??