Monday, April 21, 2008

Lance Quinn Draper has arrived

This is a red-letter day, as we welcome our 9th grandchild, Lance Quinn Draper. He is beautiful! Amy went in to the hospital last night, was helped along with her labor ( I am sure she will share more on her blog), and little guy, OK, not so little; 8 lobs, 10 oz 21" was delivered just before noon today.
Jerry and I had taken the 3 kids to the Linclon Children's museum this morning, and were eating lunch when Amy called to share the news. We were all so happy.
Jerry had to fly to Florida for business, so the kids and I went to the hospital around 4 PM to take a look...he is adorable! His older brother and sisters are so happy to be able to hold and love him. Dylan was the 1st, and he just smiled and smiled! Amy looked amazingly great...she enjoyed seeing all the kids and sharing Lance with them. Quinn was a very happy Dad with his little flock surrounding him. It was a joy to behold this beautiful eternal family welcoming their newest member. Lance, you are so lucky!

Sorry, I can't seem to access any pictures from here in Nebraska...there will certainly be some later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

She sells sea shells down by the... whatever... we love the beach too!

Many years ago when we just had one little girl (Teri Le) we lived in the San Fernando Valley and after work we would sometimes drive down to the beach to eat dinner on a blanket and watch the waves. I loved walking along the beach with my little girl because she would cling to me for protection whenever the waves came and it made me feel so much like a Dad to protect her. That's a great feeling. Diane took a picture of us as I knelt down to hold TL as a wave came up and it was always a touching picture for me. I'm sure the kids remember the photo as I made an enlargement of it and wrote this poem to go with it:

You and I across oceans of waves,
Will pass through this world in time.
But forever we will hold love tight,
Warm and close, little girl of mine.

So when I was reading Tyler's blog about how he loves being a Dad and showing his little man how to do "guy things" like skipping stones on the ocean, it took me back to when I was a young dad and felt so close to my kids. And out came this poem to go with his picture:

The ocean crashes to the shore,
And comes to us with a mighty roar.
And stones can threaten in our path,
To trip our progress with their wrath.
But you can pass this test of life,
And turn to fun the daunting strife.
So pick a stone and toss it free,
To skip across the raging sea.
And laugh out loud as it leaves your hand,
I’ll show you how, my little man!

I told Diane that I am getting to be an old man. I get choked up all the time when reading about families and kids. And especially when reading my kid's blogs. You are all having so much fun and I miss you all so much (I want to play in the fountain too!) I am so proud that you all have a wonderful companion and awesome kids. I love you all!

Now come to my house to play.

Grandpa J

Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference Weekend

We had a great treat to be able to travel to Salt lake City for conference. We had tickets for the priesthood session as well as the Sunday morning Session. For any of you who haven't yet had the experience, please make it a goal to attend in the Conference Center. The most amazing feeling comes over the Center as presidents Monson, Eyring and Uchdorf enter. It reminds me a bot of the 'wave' as the people nearest where they enter rises first, but oh so quickly a hush falls over the entire hall and everyone comes to their feet. Not a word is said, and everyone remains standing until the President sits. The respect, reverance and testimonies are felt so strongly.

We did spend Saturday with Aunt Valerie and uncle Richard in their home in Kaysville, and their oldest son's family came by along with Rachel Packard who was in town for her Missionary reunion. That was a lot of fun. Rick's wife Laura, said she'd really like to have a chance to get together with our kids and get to know the cousins, anyone feel like organizing a Jorgenson cousin reunion??

I was so touched with the Solemn Assembly we were all able to participate it, I was given such a strong witness of the truthfulness of this Gospel and the assurance that Thomas S Monson is truly the prophet of God. We are so blessed.