Sunday, May 27, 2012

The office is finished

Scan back to the first post of the "Office" and you will see what this corner used to look like.  All the same junk is still there, it's just hidden in the cabinets!

Here's pretty much how it looks.  I thought Diane would use all that counter top space for Young Women's projects, but she was released as Young Women's President.  She now teaches the 9-year-olds in Primary so I guess she'll be preparing Primary lessons instead.  She also is in charge of some sort of group of girls at summer girls camp, so she'll by busy with that till camp's over.  Anyway, there's plenty of room here for her to work at something!

Here are the work stations with the first drawers I ever built.  They weren't too tough after all.  I still have to get a file cabinet that will look good under the window.  The beat up one in the closet wouldn't look so hot.  So, once I get that in I will have room in my closet for my shoes and they won't have to stay on the back porch.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finally, more of The Office

Well, I took pictures all along the way, but never had time to put them on. Between Church, Scouts, job, vacation, holidays & this project, I go to bed pretty late and staying up to download pictures (this blog thing is annoyingly slow) became low priority.

So, just about everything is done but making and installing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. I put up the window treatments Monday night.

You can see why I left a strip of white on the walls when I painted them... too cheap to put a back on the cabinets!

Above shows our work stations with the oak desk top and under-cabinet lights. Tonight I put shelves between the cabinets. Di wanted some shelves to decorate.

Hummm... a little blurry, but here is the board and batten. The trim on the desktop extends all the way around the room. The cabinet doors will match the board and batten. I'm anxious to see how it looks with the doors installed.

So, there you have it. I guess the next pics will be when it's done.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm not sure if this looks the same in the photo as in real life. I'm, uh, not good with colors. But Di picked green and she says she likes it so that's what matters.

No need to paint where the cabinets or wainscot go.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Office (not the TV show)

Well, it's about time for another project. This room is a mess. No place to put Scout stuff and Young Women stuff except on the floor. It's hard to get around Grandpa Boylin's bookcase.

Di and I spend a lot of time here but all I see of her is her back.

So, it was spend a lot of money on furniture or build cabinets. I asked Di which she preferred and after I made a sketch of cabinets, she decided they would be OK.

My dad's desk and Di's dad's bookcase will go up in the guest room with dad's dresser.

This is hard to see... I did a sketch in pencil to see what cabinets would fit. This is the south wall where Di's computer was. We'll have counter top (work space for YW projects) and lots of storage. The large cabinet on the bottom left will be under the desktop, L shaped with the counter on this wall.

The east wall, where my computer was, will be desk space for both of us. We'll have storage cabinets above our desks with some open shelves between, and each will have a bank of drawers on our left. We'll put lighting under the top cabinets to light our work space. Cabinets will not go under the window on this wall, so there will be room to put a file cabinet there (it's now in my closet).

So here is my sad workshop. The one car garage is so stuffed with junk that I set up that folding table for a workbench and set up and use one tool at a time. But hey, since there is no snow, I can also use the driveway! Working evenings and most of Saturday, I have the cabinet boxes done and painted (Diane chose brown for the cabinets and green for the walls of the office. I decided to make the inside of the cabinets white). Next: paint the office, make face frames for the cabinets, then make the doors. And I'll need to tackel making my first drawers. We decided to also do board and batten on the remaining walls.

Behind the for rent sign you can see the 3/4 oak plywood for the desk/counter top.