Saturday, January 24, 2009

The twins are 2!

Today these cuties turned 2 years old! Who can believe such sweethearts could grow so fast? It has been so wonderful to live close to them and share in so many milestones of their first 2 years. Happy birthday Andy & Ashlyn! Grandpa and Grandma J really love you!

Last year they celebrated in style, and it has been a really fun year. They traveled to Nebraska, they've been camping, to the beach and the mountains, played in the snow, started talking, and they just grow and grow!
Then they were new. Such a joy to be at their Blessing, to share in their first steps, a trip to Hawaii, lots of road trips, opportunities to babysit and the laughter and love to share. That 1st year went by so fast!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun at the Holidays

Here is a brief pictoral of our wonderful holidays this year. We had a great vacation, although we didn't get to see all of our family, we were able to see a good portion, and 5 of our 9 grandchildren.

Tyler and Tanya invited us to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with them. It is such fun to be with the little ones for that morning.

Ashlyn and Andy enjoyed the train table Grandpa J built.

Taylor really enjoyed opening presents. Everyone was so happy and fun!

Saturday the 27th we had my whole extended family here to our house. We took a family picture, nearly 40 people with only 1 family and 2 additional people missing. My house was PACKED, but it was great to all be together.

Jerry & I took 3 of the Grandkids to Tom's Farm one day. Who would have thought they wouldn't have the rides going during the holiday week? Thank heavens for the coin-operated tractor, they all had fun with that!

We went to a park near Tyler & Tanya's house afterwards. The kids ran and ran and Taylor swang and swang!She was getting quite creative and brave!

On New Year's Eve we took Michael & Danielle to see a movie and then to John's Incredible Pizza for dinner. All they wanted to do was the bumper cars!

The season was wonderful, surrounded by those we love.
Who could ask for anything more?
Happy New Year everyone!