Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Holidays 2009

Our Christmas holidays were pretty terrific this year. We were able, over the space of a few days, to see all of our children and grandchildren.
We started early Christmas morning, joining Tyler and Tanya and their kids as they woke up and hurried downstairs to see what wonders Santa had brought them.
By looking at Taylor and Andy, you can tell where the Christmas tree was!
Happy kiddos as they check it all out!

Ashlyn and Grandma J. Happy together!
Then, 2 days later, my family gathered at our house for festivities.

Here is my 88 year-old Mother, with her Italian beret my brother brought her, opening some of her loot.

The newset member of the Boylin family is Jeffery. Here he is..enjoying being Santa.

The next day Jerry and I flew to Vancouver Washington to see our daughters and their families.

The opportunity provided itself for a minor upgrade to get this car. Of course. Why not?
This time I even drove it once.

The kids visited Teri Le and Rob's 'Urban Farm' and Allie thought it was pretty terrific. Here she is getting the food for the chickens.

We went to a really great place 'The Great Wolf Lodge'to play and see everyone. It is a wonderful lodge, complete with a HUGE indoor waterpark.

I had to post this picture of Jerry. He and Allie went down these slides unnumerable times..and this shot really made me laugh!

This is the wave pool. We had a lot of fun in here. I am sure someone we know and love is in this picture...somewhere! It did get a bit crowded, but we still had a great time!

We had Christmas once again at Amy and Quinn's house.

Teri Le was surprised with this was significant to us, as she had one for her 8th birthday, loved it and was going to show Granny and Grandpa and dropped it. Now we have replaced it a 'few' years later.

Opning the new Wii game from Uncle Tyler and Aunt Tanya and cousins.

We spent an afternoon together with the older cousins. We went to an indoor bounce house place...the kids were hot and sweaty by the time we were done.

Here's Dylan, Makayla, Danielle, Allie and Michael!

We had a great trip to Washington...two of our families for the price of one!!

Here we are with all of our grandchildren who live in Washington.
We love you, each and every one!