Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dylan's best friend.

Dylan's best friend Caleb was in a tragic traffic accident and passed away. Dylan described him as "the only friend I had that could run as fast as me and liked what I liked." We met him a couple of times on our visits and he was a good boy. We loved him because Dylan loved him. I wrote this for Caleb:

When little boys go home

It’s hard to pin point what it really is: Maybe it’s because they are so tender with their mothers. Maybe it’s because they love to play with their dads.
Maybe it’s just because they seem to love life so much. They will play to the point of exhaustion, but won’t go to bed without a fight. In a little boys ideal world you would run until you fall asleep and then sleep where you fall until you wake up and start running again.
They will play any game with a ball. And if a game is not going on, they will make one up. And they don’t need to be outside. They can make up just as many games in the house. As long as it includes throwing, or bouncing, or chasing a ball they can entertain themselves for hours. In fact, if the game involves a little screaming from mom, all the better. We’re glad when they are smart, but we are proud if they can knock the ball out of the park.
Maybe it’s because when they do get tired, they are just so fun to cuddle. Normally they won’t stop long enough but to give you a short hug. But when they are completely worn out, then they will finally slow down long enough to hold and squeeze. That moment just before sleep is best. They eventually relax and cuddle in close as if they finally accept us into their world. They slow down just long enough to let us in, then they are off to sleep. That is why moms don’t want to lay them down. They will hold them close just a little longer until another duty calls, then they will reluctantly put them in bed to rest up for another day of running.
And then there is the laugh. It is so great when you find just the right tickle spot. They laugh so loud that everyone looks, and you are so proud that your little boy is happy. If the whole world would laugh like a little boy, we would have a wonderful world.
Maybe it's because little boys give us hope. We watch them run and play and laugh and enjoy the world, and we think; "this one is going to get it right." We want them to do better than we did. We want them to make all the right choices. But all that will come. When they are little we just want to love them. We want them happy and fun loving and full of life. We want it to last forever, for they are an irremovable part of our very being.
That’s why it’s so hard when a little boy goes home.

Grandpa J

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today is a Special Day

Today is Our #2 Grandchid's Birthday. Michael is turning 9 years old! We were so lucky to have him and his Sister come to visit for a week this summer...it is a;ways such fun to sharie in all the growth they are making.
Michael lived in Wrightwood for 5 years and we were able to spend lots of time with him and his family. Grandpa J and Michael became really good buds! This is a snowman they built.

We have spent a lot of time at the lake at the Wrightwood Country Club. Michael is like a fish in the water and this summer was so happy the be able to swim and play in the deep end!

After they moved far far away, we went up to visit and this is Michael playing with a tractor at the Children's Museum.

On another visit here, Michael was excited to drive the bumper car!

We were ever so proud the day that Michael chose to be baptized. Isn't he a handsome one??

This was this summer, now he was nearly 9, more independent but still a whole lot of fun! We are so happy to have Michael in our family and to share in his warm and loving spirit.
Happy 9th birthday to our #2!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a great summer

Here is a little re-cap of our summer of 2009. It is backwards..so you have to enjoy it this way..hope you can figure it out!!
I ended my summer with a Sisters in Law's escape. We went to Oceanside. It was a lot of fun and I am hoping we can do this again.
Legoland was a lot of fun with Michael and Danielle. There was something for everyone, and the weather wasn't too hot, but they still really enjoyed getting all wet in the kid's water-play area. i think their favorite part wa driving their own cars and getting drivers licenses!
We had a lot of fun at the Lake here in Wrightwood, Michael was so happy to pass the test and be able to swim and play in the deep end.

Michael took this shot of all of us in the backyard! I don't know where Danielle went.

Then Michael and Danielle came to visit us for a week while Teri Le was in Arizona attending classes for her PhD. We had a lot of fun. Here they are making their Great-Grandma's day a lot brighter!

While on our trip south from Lincoln, we traveled to Carthage Illinois. I stayed in the van while Lance slept, everyone else went in to see the jail where Joseph Smith was held and killed. I had ben here once before, and remembered the feelings I had while there. It is a sacred spot.

We traveled to Nauvoo Illinois, a wonderfully historic place in the History of our Church. We haven't been there for nearly 8 years, and enjoyed being there with the Drapers. The temple is beautiful and the statues and monuments are all so touching.

Being able to share in Dylan's baptism day was a true highlight. His Dad gave him an amazing blessing and Dylan's Mom mad sure the day was perfect in every way.

We traveled to Nebraska to spend time with Amy Quinn and their kids. This will probably be our last trip out there to see them, since they are leaving in December. We have really enjoyed our visits in Lincoln, ...it is a beautiful place.

We spent a great week in Hawaii to start the whole things off. It was a terrific trip and we did some new and fun things.

It is over. I have been back at work for several weeks now...but it was one terrific summer! I'm already looking forward to next year, but I wonder, how can I top this one!!!