Saturday, September 27, 2008

It is nearing completion!

Last Saturday the Granite counertops were installed. They really look great. We had debated between the gray shades and then this brown, and we are very happy with our choice of brown.
Don't they look terrific???
Today Jerry installed the flooring in the kitchen. He said the video he studied said it is 'easy', but he told me not to let anyone tell me it is 'easy'! He has worked pretty non-stop, since 11:30 this morning and is nearing completion!
I can't believe the difference! Next, the stove goes in, then the cabinet doors will be finished and then hung..and then (or maybe even before that) the new carpeting!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

#2 Grandchild is Baptized

We went on a quick 3-day weekend to Vancouver Washington. Michael and Danielle had just started school on Wednesday, so we went to have lunch with them there, lucky for us, they were 1 right after the other. We had to sit at a 'special visitor table' but both kids were all right with that.
The happy boys!
Proud Grandma J with her 1st grader!

Grandpa J had promised Michael a ride on a 'real' train on our last visit. We didn't have time for a trip to Seattle, so we planned a shorter trip, just 2 stops north. We went from Vancouver WA to Centralia WA.

The 1st train was called the Mount Hood, and we got seats with a table between them. We enjoyed HOT chocolate from the cafe car on this ride.

The train back was a double decker called the Coast Starlight. It was going all the way to Los Angeles, so some people were prepared for a very long ride. We enjoyed hot dogs for lunch on this trip.

This was a fun adventure, and it kept everyone occupied as we passed the time for the main event of the weekend: Michael's baptism.

It was a wonderful baptism. Michael was the only one from his Ward being baptized this month, so he was able to have his 'own' meeting. Grandpa J was honored to be asked to baptize and confirm Michael, and both he and Michael did a great job. They had practiced the method, and there were no surprises. We did realize though, that we sould have practiced the handshakes around the circle after the baptism, because as soon as Michael's confirmation was done, he hurried to his seat..never looking back.

We are so very proud of our 1st 2 grandchildren who have chosen to be baptized. They are great examples to their families and cousins too. We are grateful that we are able to be there for these special times in the lives of those we love.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where did the summer go?

It is now September, the summer is gone. Another fun-filled summer is over. I have a theory that when the 'ber' months arrive, the year is pretty much done! Septem'ber' is busy with the beginning of school, Octo'ber' has birthdays and Halloween, Novem'ber' has Thanksgiving, (more birthdays) and Decem'ber' has (birthdays again,) and Christmas...all so busy, and they can pass in just a blur. So I thought I'd post a few of our Summer happenings, just for a reflection, maybe you'll enjoy it too.We went to Capitola and Jerry & I had our 1st experience staying in the Packard Beach House. What fun that was. We were sorry Teri Le and her family couldn't make it, but enjoyed our time with Tyler and his family. During our trip to Hawaii this summer, for the 1st time, we went to the Hawaiian Temple Visitor's Center. It is really beautiful! So peaceful, and the Sister missionaries there wear Hawaiian Dresses.
I met up for breakfast in Carlsbad with good old friends. Linda Bowman, Marilynn Scheller, Diane Smith and I all worked at Westwood Elementary in the 80s and 90s. We have remained friends, though we are now scattered all over the place. e had a fun GNO group with 4 other co-workers. We went fun places and celebrated birthdays, weddings and events for several years in San Diego.
Jerry did a whole lot of remodeling of my kitchen. No, it isn't quite done, but we are at the point where the 2 big things left will be subbed-out: Counter tops and flooring! The carpet will go in within the next few weeks too! I can hardly wait. Here is my new micro-hood.
We spent a fun day in Newport with Tyler, Tanya, Taylor, Ashlynn and Andy. This is one of my favorite pics from the cute dimpled guys!!