Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back to the Remodel

Well, today was Jerry's birthday, and we talked about ways to spend it yesterday. My main goal was to clean the back porch. Jerry talked about cleaning the shed and garage. When we got up this morning, he said 'I think we should go and get a Penske truck and get the french door for the kitchen.' So after opening presents, and going out for breakfast, that was exactly what we did

1st..take out the old window, carefully, it is an antique.

2nd: take out the rest of the wall:
3rd: Put the new door in:

And finally: you have a new passage-way from the kitchen to the porch...AND a very tired birthday boy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

We are having an amazing holiday weekend. We woke to snow falling on Friday...yep! LOTS of snow falling! So we bundled up and walked into town for breakfast, then came home and built a roaring fire and enjoyed the day.

Saturday we needed to go down the hill to get some lumber for the kitchen remodel...(yep, still on-going) so we called Tanya and took her and the kids to Tom's Farms to ride the train and carosel...Tyler met us later. We had a lot of fun.

Today Jerry is working on finishing up the dividing wall between the living room and dining area, then he'll begin arranging the kitchen cabinets for an additional part of the kitchen remodel!

May is the month for Weddings

We have had a busy month of weddings. 1st was Andy Zellmanns's, Tyler's BF since 6th grade...he and Jackie were married May 10th and it was a wonderful day.

Then my nephew, Dustin Boylin, was married in a beautiful mountain setting to Torrey Jones. They were so happy and ot was great to be a part of these 2 happy days.