Friday, June 19, 2009

35th Anniversary...Hawaiian Style #1

We are home once again, but the memory of this trip will be with us for a long, long while. We spent our 35th anniversary in Hawaii, in Waikiki. Other people really like some of the other Islands, but this is our favorite place. (so far.) I think it is becaiuse I am living in rural-land, and am a city-girl at heart, and we have spent so much time here, it is familiar to both of us.
We took a short hike up to a beautiful waterfall, then we even swam in the 'pond' and sat under the waterfall! This was a first for me!
If you look closely you can see us under the spray!
Now, I wonder why...when we rent convertibles..which we love, Jerry always looks like this...
but I look like this????

Stiil we enjoy them, and I have told Jerry is ever I leave snowy-land, I want one!!
On our 1st morning we watched the King Kamahmaha Parade..quite different than our parades here, I would guess only the Rose parade has more flowers. This is the Princess of Oahu.

We did another thing we had never done before...we rode the horses! For me it was good...very calm, well-trained trail horses. They gave us instructions on how to kick, and steer, but I think they are somewhat like the Autopia at Disneyland...they would just plod along and retun home without any help from the rider!

Yep...thant's me! Only the 3rd time in my whole life I have been on a horse. It was fun.

Our 35th Anniversary...Hawaiian Style! #2

We kept busy and who would have thought there were so many things we still hadn't done? We went to Kaulua Ranch where after we rode horses, we rode this fun vehicle around the trails with beautiful views. Jerry said he wants one of these for Wrightwood!
On our anniversary we went to the Paradise Cove Luau. It was really beautiful, good food, great entertainment. It is on a cove, one we took our family to for a fun, calm day in the water 2 years ago.
Yep...this is us 35 years married!

We spent a day with 'Snorkel Bob' and had a blast! We went to a 5 mile long sandbar, for those who needed to practice snorkeling, volleyball was set up to play. Lunch was served then off to the coral cove. We saw 3 sea turtles as we got there, Jer and I even swam with one for awhile! The sailors would toss cheese and bread and hamburger out and the fish would come like crazy! I saw more beautiful-colored fish than I had ever seen. It was like swimming in an aquarium!

Our last day we did one of our favorite things. We rode the Outrigger High Speed Catamaran. It is a fast and wet wave-jumping experience that Jerry and I both LOVE! We tried to figure out how many times we had ridden this..and think at least 5!

We love Hawaii. We had a wonderful time, and look forward to going again.
Which anniversary will it be?
We are so blessed. Aloha to you all.