Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our # 3 turned 8 years old!

Last month Dylan, our super-terrific #3 turned 8 years old! He has been such a wonderfully fun kid! When he was born, I traveled all day to get to Pocatello Idaho the night before his birth, and I drove alone, so I ate lots of sunflower seeds to stay alert! Needless to say, my mouth was swollen from all the salt when I got there that night!
Dylan has lived in Idaho, Nevada and now Nebraska, and in December off to parts unknown. He is a great young man! He LOVES video games, swimming, Webkinz, money and sports, (especially baseball and soccer)
When they were moving to Nebraska, Grandpa J and I set him up in his 'Huskers' uniform!

Dylan is a real Pal to his Grandpa...he makes us laugh! He has the most infectious giggle!

Dylan was baptized with his 'Best Bud' Caleb..it was a really special time for us all.

We have loved every minute of the 1st 8 years of Dylan's life. He is growing into a super guy, and we are looking forward to pictures of him in his new Cub Scout stuff as he adds another fun things to his list of 'likes'!
We love you Big D!