Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Weekend with Grandbabies!

Building a tower with Grandpa so Taylor could kick it down
Taylor had a 'pillow-fight' with Grandpa and then buried him in pillows & blankets!

We had a fun time tending Tyler & Tanya's 3 children as they moved into their new house. The twins turn 1 this week, and are so much fun! Taylor just turned 3 and is so entertaining! Jerry did tell me tonight, that our house sure does seem small when there are 3 children here! I know that, that is why I want a bigger one, so ALL the grandbabies can come often!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

OK, we did it!

It's into the Brave New World. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy technology. Mostly I enjoy watching other people use it. I think it's a hoot watching people walk around with ipod headphones oblivious to the wonderful sounds of nature. Actually they're oblivious to pretty much everything. But hey, that means all I have to do is artfully avoid them and I pretty much have my space, right? Hi Tech to me means a new pair of hiking boots! (Yeah, yeah... Google it, it's a brand of boots!) But this blog thing seems to be the way of the future and since I hope to be there for awhile, I guess I need to get a grip on technology.

We just had a wonderful Christmas season. We spent time with all our kids and grandkids. Took a great road trip to Washington (we like road trips). And came home to our quiet little town of Wrightwood. Now we are expecting a snow storm and if we're lucky we'll get snowed in and can spend the weekend by the fire enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So that's the blah blah for now. Now I'm gonna try to figure out how to post some pictures!