Thursday, February 26, 2009

Danielle Carlene

Another blessing came into our lives 7 years ago today. Our 2nd Granddaughter and #4 Grandchild was born in Hammond Indiana! I was able to be there...and boy was it cold! This poor Grandma with California blood..nearly froze to death when I took Michael out for a quick..and I do mean QUICK walk one afternoon. I don't know if I've ever been in that kind of cold before or since!
Danielle survived it though, at least until June when she moved to sunny California. We were so happy when they moved just around the corner from us, then less that a year later moved into our house! We had so many fun fun times while she lived with us in Wrightwood.
Danielle has a very infectious laugh...we enjoyed that a lot. She is a great helper, and loves to have fun pretending and playing all the time.
Our lives are better, our hearts more full since she joined our little family. I know she will enjoy everything about her birthday today..that is just the way she is, I wish we were there with you, but we surely send our love.
We are ver so thankful that Heavenly Father sent you to our family. We love you little one!
Here are somd fun random pics of this little shingin star: When she visited this past December she was fianlly big enough for the bumper cars...and LOVED them!
They raise bunnies in she is with a baby bunny!

Cute little thing, isn't she?

She and aunt Tanya had lots of good times together..this was watching fireworks one 4th of July.

This is one of my favorite pictures...this is her Mommy's dress from when she was a little girl...sweet isn't it?

Future American Idol????

A mutual admiration society?

I think this was her 1st birthday at Chuck Cheese.
She is just a cutie! We enjoy her. We miss her and Danielle, know that Grandpa and Grandma J love you VERY VERY much! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A great weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend this weekend. These pictures are backwards, but you'll get the idea.

We spent Friday at Disneyland with Taylor. We have a tradition of taking the grandkids to Disneyland when they turn 4, but since Taylor has had a pass since she was 2, that wasn't too special. We decided to spice it up and we would take her one day by herself and get an autograph book and get as many characters to sign as we could. Well, she turned 4 in November! With blocked dates on our passes, and my work schedule we just couldn't seem to get it to happen!

I looked ahead at the calendar, and realized I had Friday the 13th off, AND we weren't blocked so we scheduled this trip more than a month ago!

Who would have thought it would be a rainy day???

We still had a blast, and accomplished what we set out to do, getting several autographs.

We ate breakfast in a cafe on Main Street and were visited by the Chef, we saw the newly refurbished Its a Small World, visited Pixie Hollow and the Princess place, and visited both Mickey and Minnie's houses. We rode Buzz Lightyear 2 times and Taylor really wanted to go on Star Tours!!

Tinkerbell is pretty cute and very friendly!

You can't see the cute Mickey belgiun waffles that Taylor had...we want one of those waffle-makers!
So, better late than never, but as usual...always a fun day at Disneyland!

The night before I went to San Diego to visit with my 1st friends and co-workers from when we lived there. Linda Gerhold was visiting from New York, and she and Karen Ballew and I met for dinner. We met at the place where Westwood School held it's end of the year luncheon the year I left, and I had cried the entire time there! Oh the memories we shared while we sat for 3 hours and laughed and caught up on each other's lives. These ladies really took me in when I started working as a Yard Duty as soon as we moved there. I played Bunco with them, served on PTA and we shared in each others happy as sad times as well. I treasure these friends, and hope that so many years will not pass before we can visit again.
The weekend just got better as Tyler, Tanya and the kids came up on Saturday to play in the snow. We had a great time with them sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels and making and throwing snowballs. You'll have to watch Tayna's blog for pictures as I didn't take any..too busy having fun!
Then my Valentine took me out to dinner...what a guy! I think I'll keep him!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today is a special day!

10 years ago today our lives were changed forever. Makayla was born. Quinn & Amy were living in Pocatello Idaho then, and when we got the call, saying it was time for the baby, we got in the car and drove like crazy to get to the hospital. As we arrived the snow began falling, Amy was getting near to delivery. We waited out in the hall and I paced back and forth from the doorway to the nurse's station where a moniter showed Amy's activity! That was so hard!! My little girl was working so hard to bring a baby into this world.
As it got close, Jerry & I stood outside the door, and heard Makayla's first cries. They were mixed with mine and Amy's but they were beautiful!
10 years later, as I think back on all the joy this little girl has brought into our life and the additional grandbabies we have had since, I realize that February 9, 1999 truly was a day that changed our lives for the better!
Here are some random pictures of our little angel..certainly in no specific order.
This was in Nebraska, when unknowlingly Makayla and I dressed in coordinating outfits for church.
When we visited, I got to hear Makayla practice her recital song. She is so talented!

Makayla lost a tooth on a visit to our house.

She and Grandpa can be so silly!

I love this picture of Makayla when she was so little. Her happy personality is already shining through.

She frosted cookies here one day...what fun!

This is a four-generation picture taken at Tyler & Tanya's reception. I am so blessed.
Makayla, you are a great joy in the life of your Grandpa and Grandma J. We are so proud of all the good things you do. We know Heavenly Father knew your spirit and sent you to be the first child in your family as well as our first are a great example to those who have and will come after you.
Have a wonderful birthday Makayla Marie...we wish we were with you.