Monday, May 24, 2010

The Front Porch Floor

When started to remodel the kitchen over two years ago we bought enough flooring to do the front porch and the back porch when we remodeled it. Since it's been awhile, I figured I'd better get busy. So before I tackle the major job in back, I figured I'd better put in the front porch floor... it's been sitting in packages at the end of the porch since November 2008.

Tyler says, "after 15 years, NO AstroTurf"! It was really an indoor-outdoor carpet. But it did look like AstroTurf!

I just moved the furniture back and forth as I worked across the floor.

And a couple of shots of the finished project.

Now to put screens on the windows and a shade on the west end to block the hot sun and we'll have our new "sun porch". I think I'll refinish Grandma Brack's table, too. It's pretty old and weary, but it seats 8 so it's nice to have.

Next to come in the back porch... move the water heater downstairs, build cabinets to match the kitchen, scoot the washer & dryer over under the window (move plumbing), new doors, paint, & new floor. Sounds like a fun summer in between vacations and Scout outings... and work.